Grassmarket Furniture

Grassmarket Furniture (formerly GRoW) started in 2006 and is one of the social enterprises in the Grassmarket Community Project.

The workshop is open across four days per week and has about six regular volunteers on each day. They transform unwanted church pews and other wood into beautiful, bespoke pieces of furniture and home furnishings.

Bespoke Furniture

Wood for our furniture is sourced from unwanted church pews and members work with a woodwork expert to create bespoke pieces of furniture on a commission basis, developing skills and increasing confidence. Pews are sourced from churches throughout the UK and the workshop has a regular group of members who contribute to this area of the project, which has become completely self-sustaining.
Each item of furniture is designed and built to the customer’s exact specification and we can offer a variety of different types of wood, many of which are no longer commercially available. Types of furniture we have produced in the past include dining tables, garden benches, lecterns and memorial plaques – please see our gallery page for examples of our work.

Our members work under the supervision of Tommy Steel – please contact him on 07889 169 155 or via our contact form to commission a piece of furniture or to try your hand in the workshop.