Who we support

An open, inclusive and diverse community

We support people in our community who are in transition in life. We welcome and support people going through change, coming to terms with or dealing with new or challenging circumstances, looking to acquire new skills or new ways of approaching difficulties. We are a family of people who have or still do feel isolated and need to share with, learn from and connect to others.

We provide a space, a place, activities, social enterprises and services and most importantly a group of people wherein everyone can feel a sense of belonging, of ownership and feel valued. We ask all our members to contribute their time, their insight and their humanity. Members can also, if they wish, contribute formerly to the project by volunteering. Whether its peeling a potato, washing dishes, making soup, serving people, cutting fabric, sewing zips, designing products, drawing on wood or making exquisite furniture, we need people to contribute to the wellbeing of others as well as help sustain the building and our services. By listening we have learnt that even when life is at its most challenging, even when people feel at their lowest, they can contribute something precious to our lives.

You or someone you know can join our community by
completing the form (here);
Member-Registration-Form and bringing this in or posting it to:

[note do not use any other address details such as postcode or city just as above]

• or picking up a form in person during reception hours from:

Grassmarket Centre, 86 Candlemaker Row, Edinburgh, EH1 2QA
[Currently open Monday, Wednesday and Friday 11am until 4pm]

The contents of the bottle not the label

At our Open-Door Meal service anybody and everybody is welcome, unless on that specific evening, they present as a risk of harming themselves or others. We have a zero-tolerance of aggressive behaviour or discriminatory behaviour in all its forms at all times and people will be asked to leave wherever if ever that occurs.

All member’s of our community including volunteers, staff and Board sign up to a Code of Conduct. This code, written by our members, is reviewed annually and is a simple way of keeping people safe, helping people feel safe and ensuring the project runs efficiently, fairly and effectively.

We are less interested in labels that describe circumstances or experiences or a set of symptoms or behaviours. We are interested in what people can bring to our project and our and their lives – a strengths-based approach. It may help you decide to refer someone or refer yourself and join our community if you know who we have successfully welcomed in the past. They have included:

  • People who are experiencing Homelessness, living in temporary accommodation or roughlseeping
  • People who have current or past experience of drug or alcohol misuse or are in recovery
  • People with physical disabilities, learning difficulties, Mental health issues, neurological disorders or experience of Mental illness
  • People who feel socially isolated (lonely)
  • People who are older
  • People who have suffered loss of a close relative or friend
  • People who are unemployed
  • People who are coming out of prison
  • People who have experience of care
  • People who have had Adverse Childhood Experiences or experienced trauma in the lives
  • People who have chaotic family support or chaotic lives
  • People who have experience of domestic violence or have survived abuse recently or in the past
  • People with experience of violence, have been a victim of a serious crime or experienced torture or who are seeking asylum
  • People who feel or have experienced being judged, discriminated against or rejected for their sexuality, sexual orientation, gender or even the way they look, sound, dress or behave
  • People who feel or have experienced being judged, discriminated against or rejected for their race, religion, culture or beliefs
  • People who are learning English or have arrived into Scotland or ther UK very recently
  • People who have low confidence and simply just seek to feel better about themselves and feel safe

Here you can read some of our members stories and testimonials in much more detail

What our members say about our activities…

I’ve had the best day ever.                         I made that all by myself. I am so proud.           This project changed my life. 

I am so glad I joined the Grassmarket.                   This group means everything to me.

Privacy and Information Policy

We respect the privacy of our members, volunteers and wider network of supporters.

We only collect information we consider necessary to help us achieve our charitable purposes and ensure the success of our social enterprises that support these.

You can read our privacy and information policy here.