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Alison Kane, John Lewis and us – the perfect fit

John Lewis and GCP have been working together for 7 years. Our latest collaboration welcomes retail expert Alison to our Tartan Project.

The IT Group at GCP

Join the IT Group at GCP. Held twice a week, these groups are VERY popular with our Members.

Our Women’s Group for phenomenal women

Our Women’s Group is a safe and welcoming space for Members who identify as women. Phenomenal women us!

Inspiring partnerships – meet Kat from Mercat Tours

Meet Kat from Mercat Tours, as we celebrate inspiring partnerships with inspirational women. For Kat, it’s all about community

Eurovision Party 2023

Good Evening Europe! Join our hostess and Edinburgh sensation Tanya Windaes for our Big Boom Bang a Bang Eurovision Party…

Inspiring Women at The Grassmarket Community Project

Celebrate inspiring women with us at GCP. Meet some phenomenal women and celebrate Mother’s Day with us

Inspirational women of GCP – meet Anne and Magdala

Meet Anne and Magdala. They are both phenomenal women and sew inspirational…

Inspirational women of GCP – meet Julia

Meet Julia, leader of our new Women’s Group. She’s an inspiring woman with a story to tell

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