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Activities week commencing 27th April 2020

Despite everything we’re celebrating our 10 year anniversary! 
We celebrate the thousands of people who have been part of our community and story since 2010. Once we re-open there’ll be lots of opportunities to be part of this celebration meanwhile following on from our brilliant Burns supper that kicked off the year we continue with a ‘Me at 10 years Old’ social media campaign – check out our social media on twitter, facebook and Instagram for pictures of staff, volunteers and members. Send your photos to
We have loads of activities, daily on-line coffee mornings, catch ups and much more below.
Stay connected and please stay in touch.

Details are also here:
Access the activities below using the links or dial in by calling 0131 460 1196 [no zoom account required. No need to give your personal details]
Coffee Break – Monday to Friday at 1pm
Join everyday for a 20 minute coffee of lunch break together – could be the best 20 minutes of your day !
PASSWORD: Coffee if dialling in password: 954 214

Positive Mental Health – Mondays 2pm
Join Mike to talk about our mental health, how we keep safe, and how we look after ourselves.

if dialling in password: 510 153

Mindfullness & Meditation – Tuesdays 5pm
Join a Zoom ‘Mindfulness and Meditation’ session delivered by Ursula & Hannah click on 
Mind if dialling in password: 362 520

Open Book – Wednesdays 11.30am
Join Jess and the group. Read together. A lovely relaxed group.  

if dialling in password: 840 020

Choir – Wednesday 5pm

Join us for our Zoom Choir session led by Morgan click on below:
if dialling in password: 792 454

Community Catch Up – Thursdays 2pm
Join Graham for drop-in catch up chat session every week
if dialling in password: 479 011

Creative Writing – Friday 11am 
Join us for Creative Writing with Isela and Jess
if dialling in password: 430 751

Art – Friday 2pm
Join us for art activities with Judit. And if you need materials we will post them out to you.
if dialling in password: 725 259

Virtual Walking – By arrangement

Join someone for a virtual walk. 
A virtual walk is going for  a walk on your own (as per Government guidelines for 30 minutes) but we will call you and walk with you (but in another place of course)
All we need to know is when you are going for a walk and a volunteer or staff member will phone for a chat whilst you are walking.
 Call 0131 225 3626 to arrange or text 07860 021 262 or email Always leave your number if it goes to voicemail.

More positive listening and viewing and keep learning

Get involved in Open Book‘s amazing on line sessions – read all about it here:
Join Intersci Live at 6pm on Monday 27th April!

For their next online science chats they have Brianna, who will be talking about how the brain forms memories of past personal experiences, also known as episodic memories. She will share the cutting-edge techniques she uses to understand how the brain binds together different information and also how this process deteriorates in Alzheimer’s disease.

Join in the stream here:

FREE Online Courses

Alison offers a variety of free course types including certificate, diploma and learning path courses each designed to help inspire you through a new hobby or career path.
They offer thousands of courses across 14 different course types from languages, IT and business to software engineering, skilled trades and marketing. Courses start at two hours long. With each completed course Alison awards a certificate of completion. One of our members highly recommends these courses.

Enjoy !

Got any recommendations? send them in to us.

Take Care and be safe.

Do not feel alone – keep in contact with people that care about you.
If you would like a call from time to time or would would like more information on what we do at the GCP please call 0131 225 3626 or text 07860 021 262 or email info@grassmarket.orgFor more info on how to use zoom please go to for instructions and a wee videoJoin for chat and say hi ! [it works a bit like whatsap]

Volunteering Opportunities #ScotlandCares
If you want to volunteer to help the NHS, charities, communities or people cope with Corona COVID-19 Virus or support the most vulnerable then have a look at the Volunteer Edinburgh website, there are some great opportunities: 

Self-Isolation: A Survival Guide from an Experienced Member

Stephen, a member of the Grassmarket Community Project, has a very rare medical condition which means some of his bones are weaker than they should be. He has had no fewer than ten operations in the past eleven years and so has plenty of experience of self isolating. During this time he enjoyed temporary work contracts, undertaking voluntary work and completed a degree in Psychology through the Open University.  He has enjoyed being part of the Grassmarket Community Project, believing it to be a supportive environment which offers a very wide range of activities, from trips out, to training courses, to film showings, science talks, mindfulness and many other classes. Here, ,Stephen shares his top tips and insights which our members, and all of us, may find useful. [with a few of GCP’s team comments in brackets!]

Keep in touch

This is really important to tackle loneliness. You can keep in touch with family and friends in various ways, phone, e-mail, text, social media, Skype, zoom etc. Maybe reconnect with old friends you haven’t heard from in a while. [The Grassmarket also offers a variety of ways you can keep in touch with friends, colleagues and volunteers (click here for more information)]

Make a Plan

Every evening make a plan of things you wish to do the next day. There might be some DIY you never got around to, odd jobs that need done in the home or garden or clearing out a cupboard or wardrobe. Maybe start reading that book you meant to. [share your plans with the GCP – they’d love to hear them!]

Exercise Daily

Exercise is really important to your physical and mental health. Make sure you get some exercise daily in your local area, applying social distancing guidelines and get some fresh air. There are also online exercising classes you can participate at home. [Current Government advice is that you can undertake 30 minutes to 1 hour of exercise – walking, jogging, cycling a day if you do it alone or with 1 member of your household or family you live with – exercise is critical – get in touch with the GCP if you want to go for a ‘virtual’ walk ‘with’ a volunteer or staffmember. All you need is access to a mobile phone and we’ll call you and walk ‘together’ in different places but we can chat at the same time].

Watch what you eat

It is easy when staying at home just to slouch in front of your TV and eat rubbish. However, this will just increase your weight and reduce your energy levels. Look to maintain a healthy diet. [a free healthy meal service is available from GCP delivered 3 days a week if this helps] 

Keep learning

A good use of your time is to learn. There are lots of courses available online, many of them free. Maybe take a course which will add skills to your business or job and/or something you find interesting, like a hobby or learning a new language. [GCP is running 5 classes a week – all free and all open to everyone – (click here for more information)]

Don’t gouge on the news !

It is tempting just to sit on the sofa and watch the terrible news about the virus. It can be depressing and dis-empowering. Though it is important to keep up to date with the latest developments and advice. Aim for a happy medium.

Volunteer if you can

If you are in a position, volunteering for a charity or other organisation is a great use of your time and will really be appreciated by all and build a community spirit. [GCP are looking for virtual walkers and people happy to call other people, just one way you can volunteer. You can also contact Volunteer Edinburgh who list volunteering opportunities in the current COVID crisis and lockdown]

Applaud the NHS

Quite simply it is the right thing to do. It builds community spirit and gives a sense of us all being in it together – this takes place on Thursdays at 8pm.

(c) 2020  The grassmarket Community Project gratefully acknowledges the support of Stephen and all our members and volunteers. If you have anything you’d like to share to help people or encourage or build community email 


Activities Week Beginning 30th March

Do not feel alonekeep in contact with people that care about you.

If you would like a call from time to time or would would like more information on what we do at the GCP please call 0131 225 3626 or text 07860 021 262 or email

For more info on how to use zoom as mentioned below for our activities please go to for instructions and a wee video

Join for chat and say hi ! [it works a bit like whatsap]

   Join us on-line for these activities below We have something on everyday 5 days a week ! All free and everyone is welcome. Most of our staff team are unable to work but we are immensely grateful to volunteers helping us and our amazing staff at home posting their videos and well wishings !Details are also here:
Mindfullness & Meditation – Tuesdays 5pm

Join a Zoom ‘Mindfulness and Meditation’ session delivered by our very own Ursula & Hannah click on

at 5pm on Tuesday or dial in +44 131 460 1196

Choir – Wednesday 5pm

Join us for our Zoom Choir session led by Morgan click on below:

Wednesday at 5pm or dial in +44 131 460 1196

Community Catch Up  – Thursdays 2pm

Join Graham Burnett (yes, ex staff member who we’ve all been missing returns from New Zealand for drop-in catch up chat session every week on Thursdays at 2pm

Click on to see and speak to Graham and other members about all sorts of topics at 2pm on Thursdays

Creative Writing – Friday 11am 

Join us for our Zoom Meeting for Creative Writing delivered by Isela and Jess – click on below:

11am on Friday or dial in +44 131 460 1196

Positive Mental Health  – Mondays 2pm

Join Jonny Kinross every Monday at 2pm to talk about our mental health, how we keep safe, and how we look after ourselves.

Jonny invites the group to share ideas on how they cope and he will also coach any members who wish in tried and tested techniques that work for some people. Lets learn from each other and share techniques we have heard about.Click on to see and speak to Jonny and other group members about your mental health at 2pm on Mondaysor dial in +44 131 460 1196

Hungry? Worried about food? 

Call Mike on 07545 527 541 or text 07860 021 262 and, during this period of dealing with the outbreak of the COVID-19 Virus, we will deliver to your door a delicious hot ready-to-it nutritional FREE meal. This service is available Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. (The meal package includes some snacks and sandwiches for later that day)


Activities week beginning 23rd March

Join us on-line for these activities below:

Mindfullness – Tuesday 5pm

Join a Zoom Meeting for Mindfulness and meditation delivered by our very own Ursula, click on below:

Meeting ID: 751 008 818

Password: Mind24

 or dial in +44 131 460 1196

Creative Writing – Friday 11am 

Join a Zoom Meeting for Creative Writing delivered by Isela and Connor click on below: 

Meeting ID: 354 096 247
Password: WRITE27

 or dial in +44 131 460 1196


Intersci – Friday 4pm-5pm

“I just wanted to let you know about a virtual event InterSci is organising that members might be interested in – we will be live streaming through facebook on Friday 27th March 4pm-5pm:

The first is a Q&A with Professor Claudia Pagliari who will discuss the misinformation surrounding the spread of viruses:

Anyone can watch the facebook stream for free and can add question/comments virtually to the expert

We have 3 more events planned with different experts in the field that we will share with you once we have scheduled the date/time, Best wishes” Amelia

Greyfriars Service

Would you like to access the Greyfriars online service – their first ever at Greyfriars yesterday? Click on the link below.

Please feel free to share with those who would like it and we are sure the Greyfriars team would love your feedback and comments






transforming wood and transforming lives

We’re recruiting a Woodwork Workshop Assistant Manager. Join our multi-award winning team and flag-ship social enterprise and open doors for yourself and others today !

DEADLINE TO APPLY: Wednesday 18th March 5pm – apply now.

Our woodwork social enterprise is our oldest and most established. We supply furniture commissions to a wide range of customers from the private, public and third sector and to private individuals. Most of our furniture is made using up-cycled wood, mostly church pews which we collect from all over the UK as well as fallen trees or trees felled for development. We make anything the customer requires from lamps, award trophies, chopping boards to shop fits, bars and dining room sets. Our prices range from £20 for a candle holder to £5,000 for one table. Our turnover exceeds over £100k a year and supports a range of vulnerable adults who volunteer daily or once a week, to paid apprentices or people on supported employment.

We are looking for an enthusiastic reliable Furniture Maker & supervisor, an Woodwork Workshop – Assistant Manager to assist in the running of our Social Enterprise woodwork workshop. The candidate will have experience in running a woodwork workshop and ideally working with vulnerable adults or adult learners.

Dont miss this chance to transform unwanted and disregarded wood or felled trees into beautiful bespoke furniture whilst transforming the lives of many of our city’s most vulnerable. 

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