The Scotch Whisky Experience Supports Grassmarket Charity

We are delighted to have received a generous donation of One thousand pounds from the Scotch Whisky Experience local attraction.  Support from local businesses are vital to us ensuring we continue to support our most vulnerable and social isolated.

£1000 will meet many costs for example the cost of two of our self-esteem 6 week courses, our Choir all year (so it along with all our activities is free for our members to benefit from) or will enable us to provide 40 free counselling sessions to help our members survive trauma, diagnosis of  terminal illness, loss or family breakdown.  3 quarters of people with long term mental health issues are unable to work and they now outnumber those with physical disabilities and illnesses who are also unemployed. The Grassmarket Community Project with the help of local businesses like the Scotch Whisky Centre can support people – journey alongside them and be a place they can turn to now, for as long as it takes and even after, they have made transitions in their lives.

The Scotch Whisky Experience is a five star visitor attraction at the top of Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, where they’ve been inspiring visitors to Edinburgh about the joys of Scotch whisky for over 25 years. They offer: tours, a shop and restaurant, events, tastings and know all there is to know about Scotland’s dram. They are a fabulous company and have supported fundraisers in the project as well as been a retail outlet for our Grassmarket Tartans social enterprise. We are exceptionally grateful to their team and in particular Julie Trevisan Hunter (pictured), Tony Dick (Picture mid) and Rosie Willmot (behind the camera) for visiting the project today and making the donation. It was a delight to show them around the project and introduce them to staff and members.

Scotch Whisky Experience handing over the donation

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