Meet Usman our GCP Project Worker

Meet Usman our Project Worker

Meet Usman

Usman is a hugely valued member of the GCP team. We certainly appreciate him, as CEO Helene confirms,

Usman has embraced everything about GCP. He’s involved in the community across the board and is now an established member of the team.’  

It has been difficult to pin down Usman for this profile, as he is always very busy! GCP Members are his priority and he is so focused on supporting them, he is passionate about his job.

We’re really grateful he could squeeze in some time to help us share his story.

Usman and the Grassmarket Community Project

Before the Grassmarket Community Project, Usman used to work in call centres and retail. When he found himself unemployed during lockdown, he accepted a six-month placement here at GCP,

‘It was always at the back of my mind that I would enjoy helping others and during my work placement, it really hit me that this was my passion.’

The placement was a great success and by April 2024, Usman will have been with us 2 years!

Usman’s day to day

Usman helps run GCP’s Member programmes, notably the popular Monday IT groups. He has also been instrumental in setting up our new Digital and Wellbeing drop-ins.

He inducts new Members to GCP and checks on their ongoing wellbeing. He gathers Member feedback for GCP’s bi-annual census and supports Member Communications, including the weekly bulletin and promotional posters. He also supports the admin and communications teams, and helps out with the Members lunch!

‘My job is so diverse! One day is different from another, that’s the beauty of it. I enjoy how different it always is.’

Usman with the GCP IT group

An evolving role

Usman is always looking at how his role can evolve to support Members. He really appreciates the support he gets from his line manager Perry, GCP’s Head of Members Services,

‘Perry has really supported my growth in the role, I appreciate the trust he has in me. He is open to suggestions and makes me feel very involved in the running of the programme and the team!

At the end of the day, we all really want the best for the Members and that’s what makes GCP very special.’

This year, Usman is excited to see how the new Digital and Wellbeing drop-in sessions take off. He is keen to let Members know they can come along between 11 am-1 pm on a Thursday for support.

Usman also enjoys GCP days out and residentials, when he can spend more time with Members.

Outside of work, Usman describes himself as ‘boring’. He loves spending time with his family and friends (so not boring at all!). He jokes that being the youngest of 6 children has set him up well for coping with the busy lunchtimes at GCP every day!

As a final word, characteristically, Usman talks about spending time with our Members,

‘Working here has been so much more than I expected. It’s great to be able to provide support to our Members but also have lunch with them and a great laugh.

I particularly love how friendly and inclusive it is here. When I do inductions, I always say how proud I am of GCP.’

We are proud of you too Usman. Thank you for all your hard work, you make such a difference!

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