Fund and Sponsor GCP Member Activities

Sponsor GCP’s Core Programme

Help transform lives directly by sponsoring a Members Activity

Our Core Members Programme is the beating heart of what we do. Your direct support here helps ensure we continue to deliver our essential work to support the most vulnerable in our community.

Choose from reading and writing, to walking and swimming and from arts and crafts, to health and wellbeing, plus everything in between! Typically, each of our Members Activities cost £3000 a term to deliver. This provides 9 places per week for an activity running over 12 weeks.

We guarantee at least one of our Members Activities will be the perfect fit for your organisation. Let’s discuss which suits you best and how we can tailor the package and relationship to your budget.

Sponsor our Core Work

Your direct support of our essential Core Creative and Skills Groups and/or Young Members Activities will help ensure we meet the growing demand from our Members. As these areas of our work have the greatest positive impact, we can also ensure your profile as a sponsor will be optimised too.

Sponsor Core Creative Activities:
Make and Mend
Art Class

Make and Mend with The Grassmarlet Community Project

Every week our Members enjoy both our Make and Mend Group and our Art Class. These sessions are volunteer-led and often over-subscribed. Please help us boost the wellbeing of more our members by sponsoring these groups.

Sponsor Core Skills Activities:
Read and Write

reading and writing Grassmarket Community Project

Always at the heart of our programme, these essential sessions are also volunteer-led and often over-subscribed. Please help us boost the future prospects of more our members by sponsoring these groups.

Sponsor Young Members Activities:
Weekly activities and workshops
Training and apprenticeships

pre-apprenticeships with The Grassmarket Community Project

Young vulnerable adults are often the hardest to reach and therefore support. GCP continues to develop services and activities tailored to this group. Help transform the future life chances and prospects of young adults in your community.


As a Members Programme Sponsor, you’ll be in very good company and we will ensure, at least….

  • Your name and logo on our website, members activity programme, and annual report for the year
  • Thanked on social media with a regular promotion of your sponsorship
  • A report on engagement and successes of the activities & AGM invite
  • A facilitated visit for representatives to see our good work in action
  • An engraved brick on our Centre’s Celebration Wall
  • An invite for two to our annual City Evening event, with drinks reception and entertainment

Here’s a taster of our current Members Programme

As you can see, our Members Programme is full and varied. Which of our activities would be the best fit for your organisation to sponsor? Let’s discuss which suits you best and how we can tailor the package and relationship to your budget.

Poetry Group

This term GCP is delighted to launch our new Poetry Group for our Members, led by award-winning author and poet, Janis Mackay

Creative Writing Group

Painting pictures with words, Creative Writing is a very popular Members group, it is a relaxed and safe place to explore and express

GCP Learning Hub

ALL welcome. Do you want to earn an accredited qualification, learn new skills or work towards employment?

Reading and Writing Group

GCP’s popular Reading and Writing Group builds the confidence of Members who wish to improve their literacy levels.

Music for health and wellbeing

Let’s make some noise! Creating music and art together is extremely good for heath and wellbeing. It’s also great fun…

Online Coffee Breaks

Wherever our Members are, they can take a coffee break with Tommy online! Another popular highlight of our Members Online Programme.

Open Book Reading Group

GCP’s Open Book Group is very popular with our Members. Our own story-catcher Caroline went along to see why…

Dancing with Dance Base

YES, DANCE WORKSHOPS here at GCP!! An exciting NEW partnership with Dance Base. We’re dancing with joy, literally!

Our Guitar Group

In our Guitar Group ‘We let the music rule!’ You only need three chords to join in the jamming session.

Our Art Group

A picture paints a thousand words… Members come along to our Art Group to relax and let their creative spirit run free

Wild Swimming

Our wild swimmers take the plunge once more, as we welcome cold water lover Emma, the group’s new leader. Brrrrrr!

Long Walks

The many benefits of long walks are well understood (and greatly enjoyed) by the GCP’s Walking Group. Find out more…

The IT Group at GCP

Join the IT Group at GCP. Held twice a week, these groups are VERY popular with our Members.

Our Women’s Group for phenomenal women

Our Women’s Group is a safe and welcoming space for Members who identify as women. Phenomenal women us!

Meadows Walking Group

Our Meadows Walking Group enjoy their weekly time together. Join them for all four seasons and more in beautiful Edinburgh

Welcome to our LGBTQIA+ Group

Welcome to our LGBTQIA+ Group, find out all about our newest support group for our Members

Meditation for your health and wellbeing

Meditation is good for your mental and emotional health and you can do it any time, any place, (almost) anywhere for free!

Singing Out Loud

Celebrating Better Times and a Merry Little Christmas, our volunteer Caroline captured the heart and soul of a recent session.

Make and Mend

Discover more about our ever-popular Make and Mend classes.

Join the best of company at The Grassmarket Community Project, the good place to be