HSBC Corporate Volunteers

HSBC Corporate Volunteering with GCP

HSBC Corporate Volunteers, cut out for the job!

HSBC and GCP’s reciprocal relationship goes from strength to strength. In the run up to the festive period, we were delighted to welcome the last two HSBC groups of the year. This time, our trusted Corporate Volunteers were here to help support our Tartan Team.

Kevin, GCP’s Volunteer Coordinator, was pleased to see the HSBC team,

‘We are so grateful for the hard work of our HSBC volunteers. Since we began working together, at least 50 bank employees have come through our doors. They are always surprised by the work we do here and we really appreciate all their support.’

HSBC Corporate Volunteering with GCP

HSBC’s Corporate Volunteering started back in 2021 when we needed help moving out, and then back in to the Grassmarket Centre during building works to create the Coffee Saints pavilion.

Then, in 2022, the HSBC team helped us sort out our messy warehouse in Granton. Throughout, they’ve also been invaluable, painting corridors and training rooms to ensure a clean and safe environment for our members.

In 2023, HSBC truly came to GCP’s rescue when our kitchen extractor fan had broken. Food provision lies at the heart of what we do. Without a functioning extraction system, GCP would have had to close all kitchen operations, so wouldn’t be able to feed the many people we support through our social mission.

HSBC volunteers, also dressed for the job!

In December 2023, we needed some help.

As Kevin confirmed,

‘It is important that we find an activity to meet the Corporate Volunteer objectives AND also get help where we really need it. HSBC were looking for an activity to help teams get to know each other better.

‘The cutting out of tartan patterns is so important to us as it frees up time for our talented Tartan Team to concentrate on the more technical aspects of sewing.’

It was great to welcome the HSBC team, all dressed for the job in their festive jumpers!

The two HSBC teams spent their days sitting at a table chatting to each other, whilst cutting out tartan patterns. It was lovely seeing everyone relaxed and blethering, whilst still working hard.

There was definitely plenty of banter amongst the HSBC volunteers, Anne, our Tartan expert and the rest of the Grassmarket crew.

HSBC volunteer Carolyn really appreciated the experience,

‘We are a relatively new team and have been together for less than 2 years, so it’s been a great way to get to know each other better. It’s been good for our team building.’

HSBC’s Callum saw the volunteering opportunity on the company website and applied on behalf of the team,

‘I hadn’t heard of GCP before, but thought this was a good way our team could help the community. It was a bit different.’

Anne guides our volunteers

Anne from GCP with HSBC

Kevin chats about GCP

GCP Kevin chats about our work

Cutting out Bobby Dogs!

HSBC Volunteer cutting out Scotty Dogs

Supporting our Corporate Volunteers

Kevin always makes sure our Corporate Volunteers are well briefed about all things GCP and gives them a tour around the Grassmarket Centre.

Lucas from HSBC was surprised,

‘It’s been a total surprise to me that an organisation like this exists in Edinburgh. Also, how well managed it is, with such a comprehensive set of Members programmes.’ 

Throughout the volunteer day, Kevin regularly checks in on their wellbeing and progress of the HSBC team,

It’s important that the volunteers are safe and happy. It’s also key that they see the work we do at GCP and understand how they are contributing.’

Victoria from HSBC confirmed,

‘All we knew was that we’d be cutting up tartan, but it has been so much more than that!’.

Lianne had looked at the GCP website before coming along but acknowledged,

‘What you do here is way beyond what I expected! I have been really impressed.’ 

Obviously, Team HSBC were given regular cups of tea and kept well nourished, joining our members, other volunteers and staff at lunchtime.

HSBC Corporate Volunteering

More feedback from Team HSBC

Some of the HSBC team had felt a bit nervous, with Jennifer saying,

‘I was worried at first and I didn’t want to say the wrong thing, but I soon grew in confidence when I realised how friendly everyone is. Everyone was so open and just chatted away.’

Carolyn added,

‘I’m pleased we got to meet the people we were helping. It’s nice and makes it real.’

It also helped that the HSBC volunteers enjoyed their lunch, agreeing the soup was ‘gorgeous’ and they certainly seemed to appreciate ‘a proper baked potato with lovely choice of fillings!’

HSBC Volunteer, Lucas, summed up the day,

‘It’s exciting to have had this experience. I feel we have contributed a small bit to a much bigger project. I can just donate to charity shops, or I can spend my day using my hands, contributing and speaking to people, which is much more satisfying.’

Victoria was also enthusiastic, saying

I’d love to do more things. I’m loving this’.

A big thank you to all our HSBC Corporate Volunteers.  We hope to see you all again very soon!

HSBC logo

The future with HSBC

Our relationship with HSBC is developing all the time, as we share ideas and understanding of each other’s needs. We are already planning further volunteer days in 2024 and considering other ways of working together for mutual benefit. It is SO important that volunteering is mutually beneficial for all three parties – the employer, the employee and GCP.

Once again, thanks to everyone at HSBC who has come along to volunteer and a special shout out to Rebecca who organises the HSBC teams. We appreciate all your hard work and look forward to working with more HSBC employees on more projects in the future!

Want to find out more about Corporate Volunteering?

Find out more about corporate volunteering opportunities at Grassmarket Community Project. Or design a custom-made programme which fits your organisational and employees’ specific goals, contact Kevin Radzynski, Volunteering Coordinator.