Greyfriars Tartan Fashion Show, Thursday 12th March 6.00pm


Cutting-edge tartan designs will be showcased at a fashion show event, at Edinburgh’s Grassmarket Community Project, celebrating the results of the Greyfriars Tartan Design Competition which has attracted submissions from designers around the world.

The unique Greyfriars Tartan was designed by a member of Grassmarket Community Project, a social enterprise based in Edinburgh’s Grassmarket where vulnerable local people (members) can be part of a community, develop new skills and self-confidence and become more employable.  The tartan is officially registered and used to teach members textiles skills. They learn to create a range of handmade products, as well as gaining other valuable skills such as team work and punctuality.

In order to celebrate, experiment with and re – imagine the tartan, The Greyfriars Tartan Design Competition was held last month and saw designs coming in from Indonesia (Jakarta), India as well as England, Wales and Scotland.

The Greyfriars Tartan Fashion Show takes place from 6pm on Thursday 12 March when three fashion show judges will choose three winning pieces, with the winners awarded over £1000 in cash prizes.

Guests will be able to purchase Greyfriars Tartan products plus take part in a raffle with all profits being invested back into Grassmarket Community Project and the Greyfriars Tartan Group.

Katerina Faulds, Greyfriars Tartan Sales Manager at Grassmarket Community Project, said: “We are so proud of our achievements with Greyfriars Tartan, both raising funds and teaching skills to our members.The fashion show will be a celebration of this, as well as a chance to re-consider perceptions of tartan as a whole.”

Grassmarket Community Project was born out of a century-old partnership between Greyfriars Kirk and the Grassmarket Mission in Edinburgh, transforming from a humble soup kitchen into a vibrant and inclusive community hub.

Nina Falk, Greyfriars Tartan Textiles Specialist at Grassmarket Community Project, says: “What we do here really changes people’s lives and our members have so much more self-confidence since learning to make our beautiful tartan products, while also being encouraged to develop new skills and work closely as a team.”


There will be canapés and refreshments plus live music on the night.

Tickets for the FREE fashion show are available on the Eventbrite website

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