Grassmarket Community Project Choir Sings Silent Night

For all our members, who are amongst some of the most isolated and vulnerable in the city of Edinburgh, its been a tough year. Our Choir is no different. We are so inspired and moved by their determination and resolve to record this beautiful rendition of Silent Night. Many of them recorded at home or popped safely into the project alone to record themselves. Whatever this time of year means to you. Please pause your day. Close your eyes. Turn it up on the speakers or bung on the headphones and we know you’ll enjoy their efforts and achievement. Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing the Grassmarket Community Project Choir…

Have a peaceful Christmas and here’s to better 2021 wherein lessons learnt from this challenging year are foremost in our minds, actions and how we choose to live our lives. Thank you to our members and supporters for creating this nurturing and empowering community.

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