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Alan at Flow Learning with GCP

Flow learning to build life skills

Flow learning is part of GCP’s Learning Hub, a flexible drop-in class for Members to help build a wide range of life skills. It’s very popular and attracts a great range of people from within the GCP community.

The Flow Learning online tool offers credible, industry-recognised short courses to assist working in hospitality, but it is so much more than that.

Courses can be tailored to each individual’s needs with a whole range of subjects relevant in all aspects of life, from Interview Skills to Health and Safety and everything in between.

Our Members work online to gain certificates, endorsed by bodies such as the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA), Institute of Hospitality and Chartered Institute of Continuous Professional Development 

More about Flow Learning at GCP

Originally, the class was set up for our Young Members interested in a career in hospitality, but it quickly developed into a hub for supporting the rest of our GCP community. Members tend to drop-in to Flow for four main reasons: 

  1. To develop hospitality skills and gain credible qualifications
  2. To develop transferrable life skills
  3. For specific reasons, such as preparing for an interview
  4. As part of lifelong self-development and for the fun of learning

Derek, who leads the class, is so pleased with the popularity and development of the class,

‘Of course Flow Learning is valuable for our Members to build their CVs around hospitality, but what we have found is that the class appeals to a wide variety of Members. So much of what is learnt is transferrable and the courses are so interesting. We are thinking of changing the name of the class to ‘Building Life Skills’ to reflect its broader appeal. It has become fundamentally about building and supporting the life skills of Members of all ages.’

Our Members approach to Flow Learning

Some Members drop in occasionally when they want help updating their CVs, when working on job applications/interview technique or to improve their English. Others come in regularly to build their transferrable skills or to just have fun learning about different aspects of life.

Alan, pictured at the top, has been a regular at the class for a while. He came along to Flow because he was interested in working in a kitchen and, when his health allows, he now feels well qualified to do so having successfully completed 49 courses!

‘There’s lots of interesting things to learn about. My favourite has been learning all about the different types of coffee. I now like trying different blends when I buy a coffee in a shop.’

‘I have completed a wide range of courses from Customer Service, Diversity and Workplace Sexual Harassment to weirder ones about Legionnaire’s Disease and Desk Space Ergonomics! I enjoy coming along and work on three or four things a week.’

Natalie at Flow Learning - GCP
Temi Coffee Saint and fan of Flow Learning

Elissa enjoys

‘…learning about all kinds of stuff at Flow. It’s useful if you need a job as it can help you. Derek is amazing, he helps with the computers and is a great teacher.’

Natalie, pictured here, has enjoyed learning about Festival Foods recently and is now on the second level. It’s quite a challenging course, covering everything from fusion food to dealing with vegan requirements. She loves,

‘knowing that I have achieved something.’

Temi, one of our Young Members, is interested in being a chef. She has recently started her pre-apprenticeship with Coffee Saints and has found the courses so useful in helping her understand the role more deeply,

‘I know more now, I understand food and health like being careful with knives, cleaning, food preparation and serving people.’

Flow Learning offers hundreds of accredited industry-recognised and specific qualifications from wellness and personal development, to hospitality and customer services, management, compliance and more. With Flow you can work self-directed and/or as part of pre-apprenticeships or volunteering programme.

Your training journey is your own, it’s up to you. All reasons to choose a module are good ones!

Flow training is certified so you can use each Flow Certificate you are awarded to demonstrate standardised training, adherence to legislation and compliance etc. Some training modules are also SQA accredited.


The Grassmarket Community Project’s Members Programme relies on the generosity of our customers, funders and donors. Our key funders for this area of our work are Nationwide Community Grants, The Robertson Trust and EVOC/Scottish Government Communities Mental Health and Wellbeing Fund. We thank them for their essential continued support.

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