Conpulsion, Scotland’s Biggest Annual Gaming Convention Raises £1,700 for GCP

Conpulsion Underworld, Scotland’s largest gaming convention last weekend at Teviot Row House and Potterow in Edinburgh ran a highly successful weekend with exciting opportunities and experiences for everyone, no matter whether you preferred table top or live action role-playing games, war games, board games or collectible card games. The organising committee worked exceptionally hard to book in guests, traders, artists, and demonstrators of brand new games. The theme this year was Underworld so no matter whether you like games about demons, gangsters, vampires and werewolves, or just a good old-fashioned dungeon bash, they had it covered.

As part of the annual event they nominate a charity and this year it was the Grassmarket Community Project. We’d very like to express our enormous gratitude to the players, participants, volunteers and staff who raised an incredible £1,700 for James and Jonny met with Justin and Tiggs at the closing Award ceremony (which featured a brilliant ‘fire’ auction the likes they had not seen before) and spoke to audience about how we would spend the money and how dependent on the generosity and good will of people we were in order to carry out our work with Edinburgh’s most vulnerable. Edinburgh and Scotland’s gaming community, we salute you. Thank you so much.

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