10 year old Ben raises a whopping £400 for the Grassmarket

Ben Burton and his friends raised an amazing £400 for the Grassmarket Project by just watching a film at the Grassmarket Picture House (our own Community Cinema). Ben, a pupil of ESMS Junior School, Edinburgh, hatched a plan to charge his friends entrance price to see a film on the big screen as well as encouraging them to buy pop-corn, hot dogs and drinks (the profits of which would also go to charity). These two combined fundraising efforts raised an amazing £400 on Ben’s first attempt. Ben is totally inspired to do more cinema nights like these. Ben and his friends simply enjoyed a movie, it costing little more or the same as attending a commercial cinema but the difference is the money raised all went to charity.

Jonny Kinross, CEO of the Grassmarket Community Project is delighted and very grateful to Ben, his friends and their parents for supporting this fundraising initiative and very much hope others will be inspired by Ben’s efforts. The money raised will go towards ensuring vulnerable adults from across Edinburgh, many of whom experience physical or mental health problems as well as feel isolated will receive access to courses,classes and activities to help them reconnect with themselves, others and our society. £400 pays for a month of training of 12 people in our tartan textiles social enterprise or 2 months of music or art tuition for 12 people – which helps people feel part of society and wider culture as well as building their confidence. Ben and his friends are watching movies, enjoying themselves and changing lives so that everyone can get the most out of life.
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