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Training Opportunities 2022

Drugs & Alcohol Awareness – e-Learning CPD – Wellspring Consultancy

DRUG & ALCOHOL AWARENESS & EMERGENCY FIRST AID – 3 hours Tuesday the 19th of July starting at 6pm at the Grassmarket Community Project
Spotting the early signs of drug or alcohol misuse and having strategies to minimise harm to yourself, others and the person misusing drugs or alcohol will give you more confidence around these behaviours. This course will help develop your understanding and empathy for people who misuse substances and enable you to be more confident and in control of your responses to situations or environments wherein drugs or alcohol are having an effect. This training course provides learners with some basic information on types or classes of drugs, behaviours associated with them, prevalence in the UK, and the paraphernalia around the most commonly abused drugs so you can spot signs of a problem and be aware of strategies to deal with issues as they may arise. The course includes basic First Aid and medical assistance for the treatment of a Drug Overdose, the recovery position Including the administration of Naloxone. GCP keeps Naloxone always on the premises for this purpose and this training will allow you to administer this emergency drug with confidence and save someone’s life. 1,295 deaths in 2021 in Scotland were drug related.
What Is Nonviolent Communication developed by Marshall Rosenberg?
COMPASSIONATE COMMUNICATION – 3 hours Monday the 15th of August starting at 6pm at the Grassmarket Community Project
Compassionate Communication is based on the principles of Nonviolent Communication (NVC). It offers a practical process for communicating with empathy, honesty, power, and compassion. It aligns personal development with social and a call for structural change. The purpose is to ensure everyone’s needs are valued equally and fulfilled in ways that contribute to connection, harmony, and peace. This short introduction will develop your ability to listen to and transform blame, anger, and criticism into respectful, constructive communication, and resolve conflict. Compassionate communication is the means of giving feedback empathically, to improve self-esteem and self-worth, and enable people to learn and grow.

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