TSB and GCP a lovely relationship

TSB volunteers at GCP

Spotlight on Corporate Volunteering

GCP is building a lovely relationship with volunteer teams from TSB Bank.

TSB is committed to being neighbourly, aiming to double the amount of their staff volunteering in 2023.

Over the last 3 months, GCP has welcomed 6 groups from the Bank. That’s 35 individual volunteers in total, and their help has been invaluable.

At the TSB Team’s most recent volunteer day with us, we spent some time learning more about this blossoming relationship.

A variety of volunteering

TSB teams have undertaken a variety of volunteering tasks, matching their skills and interests with GCP’s needs, including helping at Members Groups, Make & Mend and Tartan Workshops. The latest visit was from Head Office team, Neasa, Lidia and May who supported Liz in running both of our Tuesday Make & Mend groups.

Keen to support an Edinburgh charity, Neasa found out about GCP from our website and emailed Kevin, our Volunteer Coordinator.

Kevin and Neasa planned the day together, and Neasa greatly enjoyed her visit,

I was nervous at first but I’m really enjoying myself, I find it much less intimidating than the corporate world!’

May hadn’t worked with vulnerable people before and was also nervous about the visit,

‘I was worried about saying the right thing and started slowly but after a while I felt much more confident chatting with everyone, and it has been okay.’

And Lidia

found it easier to connect with people, much more than I expected.’

All three volunteers were really making a difference helping with the sewing, stitching, and mending. They particularly enjoyed lunchtime with our Members too!

Kevin always ensures that our corporate volunteers are well briefed on the day and regularly checks on their welfare throughout. The last half an hour of each visit is given over to reflection, sharing and learning. We like to make sure our volunteers realise how much we value their time and contribution.

Kevin says,

‘It has been great for us building the relationship with TSB. It’s definitely a win-win situation. One of my favourite things is seeing how corporate volunteers grow in confidence during their time with us. Many come back time and time again’.

Thank you TSB

The day was a great success for the three volunteer Make and Menders from TSB. Neasa was impressed with the GCP and she is keen to apply to TSB for more funding for us.

May said,

We will definitely come back.’

A HUGE thank you to Neasa, May and Lidia and all our TSB volunteers – we look forward to working with you all again soon.

Neasa Lidia and May from TSB
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GCP really does change lives, and your organisation can help us to continue our transformative work. Our wonderful, mutually beneficial relationship with TSB will continue to develop, as we share ideas and understanding of each other’s needs.

There are many ways to support GCP. Find out more about GCP’s fantastic corporate volunteering programme. Whichever way you choose to support us, we will make sure your relationship with us is the best fit for you and your organisation. We’re the good place to be and you will be in very good company!