Social Impact in action

Social Impact at GCP - meet Mike

Social Impact in action – meet David and Mike

Members and volunteers come to GCP in many ways and for many different reasons.

Social Isolation, however, is a common thread.

In GCP’s 2023 Social Impact Report, you can see an overview of our Member Services from practical and emotional support and health and wellbeing, to core skills and creativity.

You will also see that 79% of our Members felt participating in GCP activities, meeting and making friends was a key benefit of being part of our community, with 59% feeling less isolated or lonely.

A BIG thank you to Mike and David who are happy to share their experience and insights into the difference GCP has made to their lives.

David’s perspective as a Member

David has been a member for over 9 months now. Originally referred by his Community Psychiatric Nurse, David was unsure about coming along;

‘I was sceptical at first. Other groups I had tried weren’t very stimulating but at GCP I can properly converse and get social stimulus. I was surprised at the various activities and the breadth of people who use the service.

‘It’s a more productive and stimulating environment than I was expecting.’

David is certainly making the most of GCP’s Members Programme and he has become an active and valued member of our community.

On Mondays he attends IT, Wednesdays is Reading and Writing, and Thursdays is Open Book followed by Expressive Writing.

David also regularly attends GCP’s bespoke Mercat Tours and enjoys our daily Members Lunches, especially the soup!

The Grassmarket has given me a routine. Before it felt like every day was the same. Now I am getting out and about and I’m intellectually stimulated and much more socially engaged. There is such a variety of people amongst members, staff and volunteers. Everyone is nice.’

He would say to anyone thinking of joining,

‘Come along and try it, there will be something you like. It gives a structure to your week and real social engagement.’

Mike‘s perspective as a Member and Volunteer

You can see Mike’s friendly face in the picture at the top of this post. It was Mike’s doctor who suggested he become a GCP member.

As Mike says,

‘I was too isolated, and GCP was a good way to meet people and socialise. It’s been a life saver for me, I don’t know what I would have done without it’. 

Mike joined GCP in July 2023, initially taking part in the Members Groups. He still regularly attends IT, woodwork and the Meadows Walking Group.

As Mike’s last job had been Head Concierge at the Carlton Hotel in Edinburgh, the GCP team quickly realised he may be able to contribute more to the community. Mike was delighted to offer his expertise.

He now regularly volunteers on reception on a Tuesday,

‘I enjoy meeting people and love working on reception as I get to see everyone.’

Mike believes GCP has something for everyone,

It’s beneficial for everyone here. I’ve made some great friends and there’s nice people and a really friendly community. Everyone is different and that’s the best bit.’ 

His advice to anyone thinking of being a member or volunteering?

‘Definitely do it! It’s a good and interesting place and it keeps your head busy.’ 

Mike is always smiling and welcoming, make sure you stop for a chat with him if you visit on a Tuesday!

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Please download our 2023 Social Impact Report.

Please download our 2023 Social Impact Report. Here are just some examples of the positive impact you have had on people’s lives.
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