Our Social Enterprise story

Charity or social enterprise?

What do you think of, when you think of GCP?
Are we a charity, or are we a social enterprise?
The answer is we’re both, and much more besides! 

Since the Grassmarket Community Project was founded in 2010, social enterprise has been part of our DNA. Social enterprise supports our social purpose and is vital to our success as an organisation.

Within and beyond the social enterprise and charity sectors, GCP is recognised as a true trailblazer. 

Here’s a wee taste to show you why

So, what is Social Enterprise?

There is no one definition for social enterprise, so we have borrowed these words from our friends at Social Enterprise Scotland. 

Social enterprise is about harnessing business to make the world a better place.

  • Social enterprises are dynamic, independent businesses
  • They exist to deliver a specific social and/or environmental mission
  • Any profits or surpluses go towards their mission
  • Social enterprise is a more ethical, sustainable way of doing business
  • The aim is to build a fairer society and a more inclusive economy

For GCP, it’s all the above

Social enterprise is about sustainability, establishing and optimising our income streams to help fund and safeguard our social purpose, our essential work with Edinburgh’s most vulnerable people.

Equally, social enterprise gives our Members and Volunteers, inspiring and real-world opportunities to learn new skills, gain confidence, train and connect with and contribute to society.

For GCP, social enterprise just makes sense, it opens dynamic opportunities for us to adapt, create, and contribute to the local economy and sustain our community.

GCP’s Social Enterprise Story

Over the years, GCP has established 4 main Social Enterprises. These have evolved organically and naturally, as we adapt and grow as an organisation.

Whether it’s our Wood Workshop, Greyfriars Tartan, Coffee Saints or Events and Hospitality services, we strive to deliver the best possible products and services, with the warmest, friendliest service.

Many people support our Social Enterprises simply because of the quality we offer. It’s also an ethical choice and a great way for an individual or organisation to support our social purpose.

Enjoy a quick overview of our Social Enterprise story, so far, with a timeline of highlights

How to support GCP

Please help us to keep providing support and opportunities to vulnerable people. There are various ways you can support our community. You can donate, fund or sponsor, support our social enterprises and volunteer.

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The Grassmarket Community Project’s Members Programme relies on the generosity of our customers, funders and donors. Our key funders for this area of our work are Nationwide Community Grants, The Robertson Trust and EVOC/Scottish Government Communities Mental Health and Wellbeing Fund. We thank them for their essential continued support.

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