Phoenix Group and GCP

Phoenix Group and GCP - making a difference

Phoenix Group and GCP – building a team

‘We were keen to get an activity which would encourage bonding as this is a new team.’

Phoenix Group employees are entitled to three days volunteering a year and we were delighted they chose to spend a day with GCP in the run up to Christmas.

 ‘We were keen to support somewhere local, a smaller project which does good stuff, so it was easy to recommend the GCP.’ 

Our Tartan Team really needed some support, to help meet the demand for our range of products, sewn and sold in our wee Tartan Shop (an important Social Enterprise supporting GCP’s essential work). Specifically, the team needed help preparing and cutting out tartan patterns!

Why choose GCP?

Candice, who has volunteered with us before, immediately thought of GCP when her team was looking at opportunities,

‘Kevin (GCP’s Volunteer Coordinator) is fantastic in the work he does. You can see the connection he has with members. We were keen to support somewhere local, a smaller project which does good stuff, so it was easy to recommend the GCP.’ 

Matching and meeting objectives

As always, it was important for Kevin, our Volunteer Coordinator, to understand what the team wanted to get out of volunteering,

‘What works well is when we make sure we match the Corporate Volunteer objectives to our own. It was important for this team to be in close proximity and get to know each other better.’

‘Mission accomplished, given the amount of banter that’s happening as they work!’ 

Phoenix Group and GCP - corporate volunteering 2

Phoenix Group Team leader Ali said,

‘We were keen to get an activity which would encourage bonding as this is a new team. It’s been great to see everyone working away in their zones and the team building seems to be working.’

Catrin agreed,

‘As the team is brand new its good we have the time and space to work together. It is great to help out practically, but it has been a benefit to all of us too.

‘My favourite time was at lunch when we saw the benefits of the work we are doing and got to talk to GCP Members.’

Ed didn’t think he was a natural at cutting out but,

‘It has been good fun and, as I’ve newly moved to Edinburgh, it’s meant I can spend more time with the team. Before now, most of the time it has been on Zoom!’

Gary had never cut out material before and felt ‘out of his comfort zone’ but he did confirm that the experience had created ‘strong team bonding.’

Supporting GCP

Hayley had been keen to do something practical with her volunteering and was delighted that all her cutting out would directly help raise money in GCP’s Tartan Shop,

‘It’s been lovely, a nice surprise.’

‘I have found the experience eye opening. GCP is much more of a community than I’d expected. I didn’t realise there was a hub here supporting the Members in so many ways.

Claire agreed,

‘I’ve been blown away by the facilities available and the variety on offer which gives really practical and tangible skills to Members.

‘It’s just great that we can do something tangible to help by making things which will actually be sold to help generate income.’ 

Phoenix Group and GCP - corporate volunteering

Thank you, Phoenix Group

GCP’s Volunteer Coordinator, Kevin, really enjoyed supporting the Phoenix team,

‘The Phoenix volunteers have been really helpful and great fun to be around. I hope we can build the relationship further and make their volunteering a regular thing.’

Corporate Volunteering with GCP

With GCP, there are so many different opportunities to help support corporate objectives, from individual confidence building, networking and coaching opportunities, to the development of transferable skills and staff retention.

More opportunities with GCP

There are many ways to work with us. Whichever way you choose to support us, we will make sure your relationship with us is the best fit for you and your organisation. We’re THE good place to be and you will be in very good company!

Here are just a few suggestions. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss how a future partnership with GCP would work for you, please contact us.