2021 for the Grassmarket Community Project in 3 minutes

What would this last 12 months look like if we reduced it to just 3 minutes? Thats what we asked ourselves. This is what we came up with…

We had so much difficulty pulling together this video montage – what an incredible year.

Thank you to all our Members, volunteers and staff for making the Grassmarket Community Project a safe, welcoming, supportive, dynamic, diverse and enriching place to be and community to belong to. Huge huge thanks to incredible partners especially: The Edinburgh RemakeryCanongate YouthEdinburgh Social Enterprise and Move On Wood recycling. And of course massive thanks to the many funders, donors and supporters of the last 12 months – we wouldn’t be here with out you believing in us and investing in us – particularly  The Robertson Trust, Hub South East Scotland Limited, The Grassmarket Mission, The University of Edinburgh, The City of Edinburgh Council, The Scottish Government, Foundation Scotland, Greyfriars Kirk, Augustine United Church, John Lewis & Partners Foundation and Bank of Scotland Foundation. And of course to you, supporters and our amazing customers – keep drinking the coffee, eating the breakfasts, booking the rooms, hiring the events, burning the candles, buying the furniture and wearing the textiles that transform lives – the way you have done so far so brilliantly and keep shouting about it. Thank you.