One Flew Over The Cuck-oo’s Nest

FILM: One Flew Over The Cuck-oo’s Nest (1975) – Mon 25th February, 7:15pm

Dir: Milos Forman
18, US, Drama 133mins
2018 so the passing of the great Czech-American filmmaker Milos Forman, and what better way to commemorate the great man than to screen one of two films he one an Oscar for. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest is also one of only three films to have walked away with all five of the major Oscar awards. Jack Nicholson stars as the anarchic R.P. McMurphy, who steps into the world of the mental in-stitution thinking that it will be an easier slog than going to jail. How-ever, McMurphy hasn’t counted on Nurse Ratched (Louise Fletcher) and her inflexible and authoritarian style of ward management. An engrossing adaptation of Ken Kesey’s counter-culture classic.