We are delighted to announce the first season we are screening as the UK’s Community Cinema of the Year 2019 in our fabulous Grassmarket Centre venue every Monday all FREE and taking us to the end of 2019.

We’ve got crowd pleasers like  Bohemian Rhapsody alongside one of the more troubling superhero blockbusters Brightburn, about a boy who uses his superpowers for ‘evil’ as well as a coming of age US indie We The Animals.

What with the threat of an election overlapping the festive period it seems appropriate to revisit Tim Robbins’ directorial debut about a populist presidential candidate, Bob Roberts (sound familiar) and our Classic Hollywood season continues with a celebration of Kirk Douglas’ 103rd year on this planet, Champion.

We mix up this Christmas selection box-office featuring a special screening of Push, a documentary about the housing crisis, gentrification and young people’s futures followed by a Hanukkah special screening of our favourite Coen Brothers film, A Serious Man.

Our most exciting development is that to offset the shorter days throughout this season and at this time of year we will be screening a selection-box office of shorter films alongside our regular programming — some of the best from the Glasgow Short Film Festival.

So call the Grassmarket Community Picture House your Monday home for this wintry season, be warm in our/your space and receive a warm welcome as we really look forward to seeing you in November and December.

Full details about the films here

Download the Full programme of free films here


Rohan Crickmar, (Volunteer Programmer Grassmarket Community Picture House) & the Picture House Volunteer Team at the Grassmarket.