Join us on-line or over the phone for these activities

We have something on everyday 7 days a week ! All free and everyone is welcome.

See below on how you can connect on line using a smart phone or tablet, laptop or computer or you can simply phone in using the number 0131 460 1196. If you need help affording to connect to any of our groups or services we can help.

Coffee Breaks Every day– Monday to Sunday – 7 days a week ! 10am – 10.30am

Every day (Monday to Sunday) join us on line (use zoom) or by phone by for a coffee (you will have to make your own coffee/tea) and a blether.

Meeting ID: 580 465 672   Password if on line: Coffee if dialling in password: 954 214

Scottish History Group – Taster Session 11am

The GCP’s Reading and Writing Tutor, Nick is starting a Scottish History Group

Join Nick Monday (22nd June) at 11am for a Taster Session

Meeting ID:832 0675 0029 Password (online):History  if dialling in password:570185

Positive Mental Health  – Mondays 2pm

Join Mike every Monday to talk about our mental health, how we keep safe, and look after ourselves.

Click/goto on

Meeting ID: 764 588 318 Password if on line: Health if dialling in password: 510 153

Film Discussion Group  – Mondays 7.15pm

Join Rohan and Ewan every Monday to talk about a couple of films they will recommend each week or films in general.

Click/goto on

Meeting ID: 8971 3086 683 Password if on line: Film if dialling in password: 460229

This Monday 22nd June’s films FREE to watch:

Welcome to the World (Doc) 2012 59 mins cert PG

Good Vibrations 2012 1h43m cert 15

Guitar Lessons – Tuesdays 11am
with Tomas and he will arrange 1-to-1 sessions with you also
Meeting ID: 894 5925 6233 Password: String
If dialling in Password: 416330

Mindfulness & Meditation – Tuesdays 5pm

Join a Zoom ‘Mindfulness and Meditation’ session delivered by our very own Ursula & Hannah click/goto  

Meeting ID: 751 008 818 Password if on line: Mind if dialling in password: 362 520

Open Book – Wednesday 11.30

Join us for our Zoom open book reading session led by Jess click/goto below:

Meeting ID: 136 710 657 Password if on line: Read if dialling in password: 840 020

Choir – Wednesday 5pm

Join us for our Zoom Choir session led by Morgan click/goto below:

Meeting ID: 777 286 151 Password if on line: Sing if dialling in password: 792 454

Community Catch Up  – Thursdays 2pm

Join Graham Burnett for drop-in catch up chat session every week

Click/goto on to speak to Graham and other members about all sorts

Meeting ID: 995 551 544 Password if on line: Catch if dialling in password: 479 011

Creative Writing – Friday 11am 

Join us for our Zoom Meeting for Creative Writing delivered by Isela and Jess – click/goto on

Meeting ID: 774 347 404 Password if on line: Write if dialling in password: 430 751

Art – Friday 2pm 

Join us for our Zoom Meeting for Art class delivered by Judit – click/goto on

Meeting ID 917 7781 8830 Password if on line: Picture if dialling in password: 725 259

You can connect on line using a smart phone or tablet, laptop or computer or you can simply phone in using the number 0131 460 1196 (this is not a premium number and normal rates/minutes for your phone apply). Instructions to help you join in can be found here:

GCP Activities – By Telephone

GCP Activities – By Smartphone or Tablet

GCP Activities – By Laptop or PC

Contact us if you need help affording to connect to any of our groups or services as we can help.

Virtual Walking – By arrangement

Join someone for a virtual walk.
A virtual walk is going for  a walk on your own (as per Government guidelines for 30 minutes) but we will call you and walk with you (but in another place of course)
All we need to know is when you are going for a walk and a volunteer or staff member will phone for a chat whilst you are walking.
 Call 0131 225 3626 to arrange or text 07860 021 262 or email
Always leave your number if it goes to voicemail.

A meditation Tool

Urzula has made a wonderful meditation tool, a video which you can listen to which is something you can listen to (again and again) when you are feeling anxious or scared.

Why the tiger? The GCP Mindfulness group members will know – ask them !


Do not feel alone – keep in contact with people that care about you.
If you would like a call from time to time or would would like more information on what we do at the GCP please call 0131 225 3626 or text 07860 021 262 or email info@grassmarket.orgFor more info on how to use zoom as mentioned below for our activities please go to for instructions and a wee videoJoin for chat and say hi ! [it works a bit like whatsap]

Hungry? Worried about food?

Call Mike on 07545 527 541 or text 07860 021 262 and, during this period of dealing with the outbreak of the COVID-19 Virus, we will deliver to your door a delicious hot ready-to-it nutritional FREE meal. This service is available Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. (The meal package includes some snacks and sandwiches for later that day)

Volunteering Opportunities #ScotlandCares
If you want to volunteer to help the NHS, charities, communities or people cope with Corona COVID-19 Virus or support the most vulnerable then have a look at the Volunteer Edinburgh website, there are some great opportunities: