Narrated by Liam Neeson, Love Thy Nature points to how deeply we’ve lost touch with nature – and takes us on a mesmerizing cinematic journey through the beauty and intimacy of our relationship with the natural world.

Neeson is the voice of “Sapiens” (our collective humankind) who, in the past few thousand years, has come to believe that we have transcended nature. Yet, experts uncover how a new era of nature-connection might just be dawning: “Biomimicry” scientists look to the natural world for the most brilliant cutting edge inventions, ecologists unveil how nature restores our communities, and doctors are finding new ways in which nature heals the body, mind, and brain.

The winner of 26 awards, Love Thy Nature shares the dazzling spectacles of our planet, while showing that a renewed connection with nature is key – not only to our well being, but also to solving our environmental and climate crises. And Sapiens’ journey reveals how a relationship with nature ignites a sense of meaning and wonder so profound that it touches us at the very core of what it means to be human. www.lovethynature.com

The film will be followed by a Q & A  audience and panel discussion with:

Award winning designer Lesley McMillan who designs interiors using our own Grassmarket Furniture inspired by nature.

Lesley McMillan Interior Designer at City of Edinburgh Council and Scotland Regional Director of The Society of British and International Design. I am particularly interested in Biophilic design which is building nature into the built environment by use of natural materials, improving natural light and views onto nature, which can help in strengthening the human connection with nature increasing feelings of happiness and well-being.

Forest school practitioner, Andrea Fisher

Andrea Fisher, is German and lives in Glasgow with her husband and three daughters. She studied social ‘pedagogy’ in Germany, with the main emphasis on community and youth work. A qualified Forest School level 3 practitioner, she works for the Children’s Wood and the Goethe Institut, both based in Glasgow. All of her work, including voluntary work, is outdoor based. She is passionate about nature, growing up as she did in rural Germany where nature and the outdoors played a major part in her life. Considering the many benefits outdoor play and learning has, her work is focused on giving children, young and older people, the chance to connect (or re- connect) with nature and use the outdoors in every season.

Wilderness Guide, Rhyddian Knight 

With 20 years experience of reconnecting marginalized youth to Nature, Rhyddian supports regenerative cultural design through his passion for outdoor learning.  He currently lives and works at Camas Tuath, the Iona Community island centre on Mull. His diverse interests in cultural repair can be found at www.rhyddianknight.net