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Winner of UK Film Society of the Year Community Award 2019



Monday 16th March, 7:15pm


Ondine (2009)

Dir: Neil Jordan cert 12, Ireland / US, Romance, 111mins

Neil Jordan, the director of The Crying Game and Interview With the Vampire, returns to the mythic and fabulous, in this mysterious romance starring Colin Farrell. Syracuse (Farrell) is a fisherman with a young daughter, who one day discovers a strange young woman in his fishing nets, who his daughter believes may be a fabled Selkie.

Monday 23rd March, 7:15pm


The Savage Innocents (1960)

Dir: Nicholas Ray Cert 12, Ita / Fra / UK / US, Adventure, 110mins

One of your programmer’s favourite filmmakers, Nicholas Ray (Rebel Without a Cause, In A Lonely Place) directed this highly unusual and rarely seen adventure movie set in the frozen north of the American continent. Anthony Quinn is the unlikely piece of casting as an Inuit hunter, Inuk, who has led a secluded life on the fringes of the Arctic Circle. When he accidentally kills a missionary, he and his partner, Asiak (Yoko Tani) are chased through the wilderness by two state troop- ers (played by Peter O’Toole and Carlo Giustii).
As with all of Ray’s films The Savage Innocents is a deceptive work that asks difficult questions about morality and our sense of self.

Monday 30th March, 7:15pm

SCREENING plus Q&A with Director
Stephen Bennett

Eminent Monsters (2020)

Dir: Stephen Bennett, Certificate 15, US, Documentary, 89mins

Eminent Monsters shines fresh light on alleged collusion between psychiatric doctors and supposedly democratic sates in this study of psychiatry and the profession’s deep involvement with state sponsored torture over the last 70 years. Bennett takes us from the 1950s Montreal-based experiments of Scots-born psychiatrist Dr. Ewen Cameron, to the British and US militaries use of torture techniques culled from these experiments in N.I. and Guantanamo. First hand testimony from psychologists, sur- vivors and torturers makes for a compelling film experience.

Monday 6th April, 7:15pm

Booksmart (2019)

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Dir: Olivia Wilde
15, US, Comedy, 100mins

Amy (Kaitlyn Dever) and Molly (Beanie Feldstein) are the high school swots. Unbearably, self-confident when it comes to all things academic, they are shocked upon graduation to realise that all of their hard work cramming and studying amounts to a lot less than they’d expected when it comes to securing the best college places.

Determined to make up for an ‘unmisspent’ youth, the bookish duo squeeze a whole load of misbehaving into the most frenetic high school graduation night ever witnessed.

Olivia Wilde’s debut feature as director is a refreshing take on the classic American high school teen movie, that subverts stereotypes and clichés every step of its run time.


Monday 13th April, 7:15pm

Aquarius (2016)

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Dir: Kleber Mendonca Filho
18, Brazil / Fra, Drama,

Tying in with our event screening on the 20th April, this modern Brazilian masterpiece from film critic turned filmmaker Mendonca Filho,
tackles some of the corruption around housing and property development in the provincial city of Recife.

Giving legendary Brazilian actress Sonia Braga one of the greatest roles of her career, as the fiery and combative retired music critic,
Clara, who will not be cowed by the politics of the new Brazil,
Aquarius is a film that is guaranteed to have you willing its charismatic
heroine to succeed.


Monday 20th April, 7:15pm

Push (2019)

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Dir: Fredrik Gertten
12A, Swe / Can / UK, Documetary, 92mins

plaus Panel Discussion chaired by Jonny Kinross

This impressive Swedish documentary was originally meant to be screened back in December, but the film was fortunate enough to get a full theatrical release in the UK. The GCPH is,nonetheless, ecstatic to now be bringing the film to you all.

Exploring the fetishisation and commodification of housing in anumber of wealthy nations, often at the detriment of longestablished communities and access to affordable abodes, Gertten has made a film that speaks to our troubled era.


Monday 27th April, 7:15pm

The Sisters Brothers (2018)

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Dir: Jacques Audiard
15, Fra / Spa / Rom / Belg / US,
Crime / Western, 122mins

During the western expansion of the mid 19th century Eli (John C.Reilly) and Charlie (Joaquin Phoenix) Sisters are bounty hunters chasing down a greedy gold prospector who is on the run along the Oregon trail.

Master French filmmaker Jacques Audiard (Rust and Bone) brings a bit of wry comedy to this otherwise brutal journey to the very heart of the American Gold Rush’s Badlands. A modern classic western,with a stellar cast, including Jake Gyllenhaal and Riz Ahmed.