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FILM: Remember to Remember: New & Old Films from Niagara Custom Labs

Date: Monday 15th July, 7:15pm

16mm Projected Film, 65 mins

Join us for a special evening of film-on-film courtesy of Toronto based film-processing laboratory Niagara Custom Labs. The NCS is a full service motion picture film lab that provides a very important service for those filmmakers shooting on or working with motion picture film. Remember to Remember is a showcase of work from the lab featuring short films from Ali Vanderkruyk, Adam Stewart, Derek Jenkins, Sulvain Chaussee and Sebastjan Henrickson. We are very pleased to welcome Derek to introduce the show, and we will be joined by Lydia Beilby (ScreenBandita, EIFF) for an after show discussion.

FILM: Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018) – Summer Holiday Kids Screening!

Date: Tuesday 16 July, 10:30am

Dir: Phil Johnson, Rich Moore, PG, US, Animation, 116 mins

Six years after the first Wreck-it-Ralph film, Ralph finds himself at risk of losing his best friend, Vanellope, star of the new Sugar Rush arcade game, as the game’s cabinet has been broken. Using a newly-installed Wi-Fi router, Ralph and Vanellope journey on to the internet to locate a replacement part that could help repair the game. One of the most successful kids films of the year, this makes sense of modern online experience as a curious sci-fi reality, that frequently operates like the most lawless parts of the Wild West.

FILM: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018)

Date: Monday 22nd July, 7:15pm

Dir: Bob Persichettie, Peter Ramsey, Rodney Rothman, PG, US, Animation, 117 mins

One of the very best film’s from last year, which rightly won the Best Animated Feature Oscar at this year’s awards. This latest take on the famous comic book character features a truly ground-breaking aesthetic approach, which closely mirrors the look and feel of the comic book’s imagery. While doing some underground graffiti art with his uncle, Miles Morales finds out he is not the only spider man, and his reality is not the only reality. A mind-bending interdimensional action-comedy ensues.

FILM: Patrick (2018)

Date: Tuesday 23rd July, 10:30am, PG, UK, Comedy, 94 mins – Summer Holiday Kids Screening!

Dir: Mandie Fletcher, PG, UK, Comedy, 94 mins

Sarah is a young woman whose life is a little chaotic, both professionally and romantically. Barely able to look after herself, the last thing she needs is the responsibility of having to look after another. Enter Patrick, a spoiled and persistent pug that Sarah’s late Grandmother has left her. Before long Sarah’s life has been transformed, but is it for the better? A daftly amusing talking dog picture that featured at the Edinburgh International Film Festival in 2018 and marks the screenwriting debut of former film publicist Vanessa Davies.

FILM: Enchanted (2007) – Summer Holiday Kids Screening!

Date: Thursday 25th July, 10:30am, PG, UK, Rom-Com, 107 mins

Dir: Kevin Lima, PG, UK, Rom-Com, 107 mins

Giselle is the beautiful princess of the magical land of Andalasia who is banished by the wicked Queen. She is thrust into the gritty realities of present day Manhattan, where her naïve approach dot life soon markers her out as another New York “eccentric”. Can Giselle make sense of life on the streets of the Big Apple and will she find herself a Prince Charming?

FILM: Topaz (1969) – Classic Hollywood Season

Date: Monday 29th July, 7:15pm

Dir: Alfred Hitchcock, PG, US, Thriller, 143 mins

Initiating a new season of film’s focusing on rarely screened Classic Hollywood films from 1930-70, Topaz is an unjustly overlooked work from Hitchcock’s late period. A French Intelligence Agent gest mixed up in tense Cold War politicking around the Cuban Missile Crisis. Famous American film critic Leonard Maltin has participated in a whole documentary short reappraising the merits of this most coolly received Hitchcock. Come and see whether you agree with Leonard.

FILM: The Land Before Time (1988) – Summer Holiday Kids Screening!

Date: Tuesday 30th July, 10:30am

Dir: Don Bluth, U, US/Ire, Animation, 69 mins

Don Bluth was Disney’s great rival in their difficult 1980s decline. He’d been training at Disney, but went his own way in the early 1880s and had a run of well received hits. This film is one of two animated masterpieces (the other An American Tail) that Bluth directed. It tells the tale of Little Foot, an orphaned Brontosaurus, who teams up with a group of other young dinosaurs to journey to the Great Valley, where they might be reunited with their families.