Its coming. We are re-opening. Albeit with significant restrictions in place for your safety we are re-opening to our community. We are so looking  forward to seeing people in…

Thank you for your support and patience. Join us and be with us and part of our community.

Please note that due to COVID-19 global pandemic the following restrictions and systems will be in place until further notice.

Anyone entering the building must:

  • Be attending a pre-organised activity, appointment or event
  • Provide a contact name and address or where they can be contacted (for track and trace purpose) – this will be held in GDPR compliant database and never be shared or used for any other purpose without explicit consent
  • Have their temperature checked (with a no-contact device) and be refused admission if they have a high temperature (and be advised to contact their GP)
  • Comply with any one way systems and instructions on movement within and use of the building including use of sanitisers, hand washing facilities and staying out of restricted or prohibited areas

We have a maximum capacity (we always have had a maximum though this is significantly less now to enable social-distancing measures). Once we reach that maximum limit – people may be refused entry as they considered one more that we can safely allow into the Centre. They may asked to wait until another leaves – a one out one in policy. Please be patient with our team.

Anyone, as always, who is abusive, threatening or aggressive towards any of our staff, volunteers, guests, customers or members will be refused entry and may be reported to the Police. CCTV is in operation at our door and entrance/cafe area.

We reserve the right to impose further restrictions at any time without notice in the interests of public safety. Please bear with us during this time.