“By far the most striking thing about the GCP for me are our lunches together every day. Its a rare and possibly unique privilege for a CEO to sit down with the community, the members, the volunteers, students, staff (and even the odd random !) and hear their stories over a delicious 2 course meal. I love hearing daily about how important the project is to them and the difference it makes. I am also bowled over by the determination and strength of members who overcome huge personal and material challenges to come into the project to be with people that care about them. Its a miracle that some of them are there and I am always grateful they made it.

We share many laughs and many tears together over our lunch and enjoy the odd performance poetry – and of course lots of birthdays! We have held many silent vigils as well for tragically lost members to suicide, to illness, but also to victims of terrorism, to Grenfell and to others across the city, country and world. The humanity, compassion, strength and vulnerability I witness in that lunch room daily is overwhelming, inspirational and transformational. Few visitors to the project, that join us for lunch, leave that lunch room the same person as when they arrived.” – Jonny Kinross, CEO ( & Chief Birthday Cake eater!)